RICO GmbH - TV Inspektion


An important point that equips the RICO components for professional use is the vehicle expansion: All solutions are designed for daily rough work.

Individual and high quality detailed solutions are the basis for long-term and economical use at RICO. The AQUA CROSS|LANDER is a completely expanded TV inspection vehicle combined with high-pressure jetting technology. The TV inspection is based on the RICO CROSS|TOUCH with 300 meters of single-wire cable.

This can be flexibly removed from the car to ensure full operational capability even in difficult terrain.

Light and high-quality finishing materials create enough capacity for the desired inspection components; the insulation of the body ensures a balanced climate in the vehicle. Particularly important with the AQUA CROSS|LANDER is the interior with a waterproof plastic coating to protect the interior from water and what will significantly increase the life of the vehicle.

The work areas both in the Oparator and in the back room are functionally designed according to ergonomic aspects and ensure a comfortable and smooth workflow.

The rinsing device is equipped with an 800 liter water tank and with the high pressure system of 240 bar / 70 l / min you can get even the biggest dirt in a jiffy.

Product Features
TV vehicle technology combined with high pressure jetting technology in one vehicle
Inclusive control unit, carriage and camera
Cable drum with 300 m single-wire cable
Inclusive battery supply, cleaning system and crane with cable winch
Charging via the mains or alternator
Interior finishing with waterproof plastic coating
Water tank: 800 litres
High pressure system: 240 bar / 70 l/min
Auxiliary drive