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The TINY|PC.3 is light and compact and at the same time extremely robust and of high quality designed to optimally handle every use in and around the building.

With a total weight of less than 20 kg* and a telescopic push handle, the TINY|PC.3 can be easily transported to any location. The small footprint enables the device to be used even in very tight spaces and can be stowed away to save space thanks to the fold-away monitor.

The system can be used from a pipe diameter of Ø 30 mm and is compatible with the cameras MINI, VERTICA 30, VERTICA 40 and SR50, among others.

*including push cable 50m, without camera and control panel

Product highlights


– Central control unit

The super bright (1000 NIT), large display enables perfect work even in strong sunlight. With a size of 12.1 inches, the display is larger than most commercially available tablets. The intuitive menu navigation enables quick familiarization and safe operation. The desk can be operated flexibly with your finger, many common protective gloves, a pen or a connectable keyboard.

– Power supply

In order to offer the highest degree of flexibility, the TINY|PC.3 can be operated independently of the mains with up to two batteries, as well as in mains operation. In order to increase the operating time significantly, there is not only the standard battery supplied with a runtime of up to 4 hours, but also the large battery with a runtime of up to 8 hours.

– compatibility

A special highlight is the possibility of connecting the TINY|PC.3 to a RICO vehicle or our mobile system, the CROSS|TOUCH. This means that the corresponding reporting software and recording devices as well as the control of the camera are also available for pushing operation.

TINY|PC.3Technical specifications
scope of applicationDN 30 - DN 300
Cable length60 m oder 100 m
Material (frame / basket)aluminum
Meter counteryes
Basket brakeyes, adjustable
PC monitor- 30.7 cm / 12.1 in
- capacitive touchscreen
- suitable for daylight
- Brightness: 1000 cd / m²
- Resolution: 1280 x 800
- Contrast 1000: 1
processor- Intel QuadCore 2.8 GHz
- 8 GB of RAM
hard disk256 GB SSD hard drive
operating systemWindows 10 Professional
USB2 USB 3.0 and 1 USB 2.0
Power supply110 - 230 VAC und 18 - 24 VDC
Battery typLi-Ionen
Battery lifeapprox. 8 hours (4h / battery) with two regular batteries, or approx. 16 hours (8h / battery) with two large batteries
Explosion protectionin connection with explosion protection camera (optional)