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RICO GmbH - TV Inspektion


The CROSSSHAFT from RICO enables a view of the shaft and the connected channels without having to climb into the shaft yourself. The CROSSSHAFT is also called an electronic channel mirror and is used as far as possible to check the operating status.


It is used, for example, to plan the channels as required or to carry out additional inspection measures. The CROSSSHAFT is therefore a simple, quick and inexpensive instrument for further disposition of measures. Due to the large zoom factor (30x optical) and sufficient illumination even in larger channels, posture areas far from the shaft can be seen.

The camera is placed in the shaft using a telescopic rod and positioned in front of the canal. An attached base for parking the camera in the channel and a motorized swivel mechanism facilitate precise handling. The battery used is an uncomplicated variant of the energy supply, which enables the batteries to be easily replaced and charged.

The supplied tablet serves as a control unit. The data is transferred from the camera to the tablet without delay using WLAN, and in a matter of seconds it is easy to take pictures and videos and save them on the tablet.



Advantages of the electronic channel mirror:

  • Fast operating status control
  • Power LED headlights for optimal illumination
  • Ease of use Large zoom factor (30x)
  • Good handling thanks to the built-in tripod