RICO GmbH - TV Inspektion

The CROSS|TRAILER – the innovative solution

The CROSS|TRAILER offers a workstation that can be flexibly positioned at any location! A major advantage of the mobile workstation is the considerable cost saving compared to a fully equipped TV inspection vehicle. This results in significantly lower maintenance and acquisition costs!

The new concept of the trailer combines the usual RICO standards such as a spacious, ergonomic workplace with unlimited mobility. The CROSS|TRAILER can not only be mounted on a conventional vehicle with a trailer coupling, it is also particularly well suited as a supplement to the existing jetting or sanitation vehicle.







Thanks to the proven RICO interior with insulation, the climate in the trailer also withstands low temperatures. The CROSS|TRAILER is independent thanks to the integrated battery. The lithium-ion battery can be charged via mains power, a towing vehicle or a generator.

The trailer contains our mobile TV inspection system CROSS|TOUCH with the proven cable length of 300 metres. This system can be used with a wide range of carriages and cameras from RICO and can inspect diameters from DN 100 up to DN 2000, depending on the requirements.

When designing the system, special attention was paid to providing more headroom in the operator room to make work as comfortable as possible for the operator.