RICO GmbH - TV Inspektion


The CROSS|RACK is the innovative TV system permanently installed in the frame for installation in all European pallet-compatible carrier vehicles.

The system consists of the inspection components CROSS|TOUCH with cable drum including 300 meters of single-wire cable as well as various compatible RICO carriages and cameras, including battery supply, cleaning system and crane with winch.


Product Features
Complete TV inspection vehicle equipment mounted in a frame
For the installation of the control unit, cable drum, carriage and camera
Cable drum with 300 m single-wire cable
Inclusive battery supply, cleaning system and crane with cable winch
Charging via the mains or alternator
For the installation into all carrier vehicles that are suitable for euro-pallets


Installation of the CROSS|RACK to the CROSS|PORTER LITE

With the CROSS|PORTER LITE, the CROSS|RACK is mounted in the vehicle. This is a cost-effective expansion variant that still does not do without the usual RICO comfort.

Lightweight and high-quality finishing materials create sufficient capacity for the required inspection components; the insulation of the body ensures a balanced climate in the vehicle.

The work areas in both the observation room and the equipment room are functionally designed according to ergonomic aspects and guarantee an equally comfortable and smooth workflow.