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The SR100|PLUS camera is the large pan and tilt camera in the RICO range, usable from Ø 150 mm in carriage operation. Any desired viewing direction is reached as quickly as possible using the pan and tilt head. The SR100|PLUS can rotate endlessly on its own axis. With the help of the swivel function, views in all directions up to the automatic swivelling of pipe sleeves are possible. The camera creates an upright image in the axial view thanks to the gravity sensor.

The SR100|PLUS can be combined with the FW150S carriage.

This product is suitable for use in hazardous areas (Zone 1) and optionally available in an explosion-proof certified version with the corresponding certificate.


Product Features
Suitable for Ø 150 mm and larger in driven operation
Pan and tilt camera
Lens protection of sapphire glass
Powerful LED light
10 × optical zoom / 4 × digital zoom
Integrated location transmitter
Integrated pressure sensor for indicating overpressure and low pressure
Protection type IP 68